Fenelon Falls Tennis Club

17 Eva Street, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0
An Active, Friendly OTA Club with 4 Courts

2018 - Junior Clinics dates 

 Session Days of the Week
 Week Dates  Time
 One Mon to Fri July 9 - 13 2-4 pm
 Mon to Fri
 July 16 - 20 2-4 pm
 Three Mon to Fri Aug 6 - 10 2-4 pm


 Mon to Fri Aug 13 -17 2-4 pm

Juniors who are club members are entitled to one  free Junior Clinic

Enrollment will be limited to eight participants per session 

Ages 7-13 on a first come - first served basis

  For prices and application forms, click on the "Rates & Applications" link


                  ORRETT BROTHERS TENNIS

Website:   http://www.orrettbrotherstennis.com/ 

 CLICK HERE for a brochure

FREE CLINIC MAY 27th! Advanced 10:00-11:00 Intermediate 11:AM to 12:00

Adult Clinics - Every Sunday 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon starting June 3

 Pricing - $10 per session for the tennis clinics.

 Adult or Junior Lessons - Contact Jonathan Orrett at 905-449-9932 or orrettbrotherstennis@gmail.com

Junior Lessons - Contact Michael Orrett at
905-442-2114 or orrettbrotherstennis@gmail.com

Jonathon's Lesson Pricing - $35 per hour ($20 per person for a semi private, $15 per person for a group of 3+ people)

Michael's Lesson Pricing - $30 per hour ($18 per junior for a semi private, $13 per junior for a group of 3+ juniors)

Jonathan and Michael are certified by Tennis Canada to provide private, semi-private or group lessons to persons of all ages.