Fenelon Falls Tennis Club

17 Eva Street, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0
An Active, Friendly OTA Club with 4 Courts

                      Membership Rates - 2019





$  100.00


$ 180.00



$ 200.00






                    $  50.00

Court Costs for Non Members : 

$20 per hour


 Drop-in Fee for Non Members:

$10 per session

3 sessions maximum before membership required.

Please consider becoming a member to ensure the courts are maintained in the community. 


 * Family - two parents and children who qualify as Juniors (see below)

**Juniors - must be no more than 16 years of age on September 30,2017

 ***Students - must be no more than 23 years of age and still in school on
      September 30, 2018.


Membership Application Forms


Please print, complete and mail or deliver with membership cheque

For Single Adult/Couples/Families - Click below for:

Membership Application Form

For Junior / Student Membership - Click below for:

Junior Membership Application Form

Junior Clinic Application Form

Junior Tennis Clinics (for ages 7 to 13)

   $20 Discount on one or more clinic sessions is included with each Junior         Membership.  ie. Price per clinic is $60 vs. $80 per clinic for non-                   members.
   Family Membership includes  a $20 discount on one or more  junior clinic         sessions for ages  7 - 13.  ie. Price per clinic is $60 vs. $80 per clinic for         non-members.

   Non-member rate for each junior clinic is $80 per clinic.

   The 2019 Clinics will be held as in July & August, dependent on the Court        Restoration Project.  - please go to
   "Lessons & Junior Clinics" for the dates and times of the Clinics.

   Michael Orrett will be teaching the clinics.