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Club Programs 2023

The FFTC offers a variety of programs to accommodate various levels of play for all members as noted below. We encourage all members to contact the Program Convenors to sign up for a program(s) that interests you or if you have any questions.


Open Play

There are a variety of Open Play days and times being offered with each session catering to various levels of play. These sessions are a great way to experience different partners, and more importantly, to get to know other members of the club. We encourage you to contact the appropriate Convenor to let them know if you'll be attending to ensure there will be enough players to fill each court. You will also be added to the Convenors' email list for them to let you know of any announcements or changes to the schedule. It’s recommended to please check your player rating using the self-rating rating guide to see which session will meet your level of play and enjoyment:


Open Play Convenors

Wednesday Men's Open Play: John Howard ~ • 905-809-0159

Thursday Mixed Open Play: Lawrie Keillor-Faulkner ~ •  705-930-1941

Saturday 3+ Mixed Open Play: Ham Keillor-Faulkner ~ • 705-374-4211


Ladies Round Robin (3.0/3.5- & 3.5+)

The Monday Ladies Round Robin is run as two sessions; 3.5+ rated players will play in one time slot and 3.0 to 3.5- players will play in a subsequent time slot. The round robin format cycles players with different partners promoting an equal level of play on each court in a relaxed and fun tennis environment. It’s a great way to experience different partners, and more importantly to get to know other ladies from the club. An email is sent out monthly requesting player availability for the coming month. A schedule is established showing when each player will play, and includes a spare list. Scheduled players are responsible for organizing their replacement if they need to cancel from the supplied spare list. It's important that you know your player rating so you're playing with players of similar ability, please consult the self-rating guide to determine your player rating. If interested in participating in the Ladies Round Robin to be added to the email list or if you have any questions, please contact the Convenor as noted below.


Ladies Round Robin Convenor: 

Alexis Loney ~ • 647-409-2930



There are three separate days of league play for mixed doubles tennis in a progressive format. Scores will be recorded and used to ensure competitive matches by moving players based on performance to courts of similarly skilled players. Please contact the appropriate Convenor indicating which day(s) you are interested in playing. If you cannot commit to play on a regular basis, please indicate if you want to be on a waiting list to sub in when needed. An email invitation will be sent out each week by the Convenor for players to respond to, indicating their availability for the coming week of play. You will receive an email confirmation from the Convenor to let you know if you are scheduled to play. If you do not receive a confirmation email it’s because that session is oversubscribed, or your response was not received in a timely manner.


Leagues Convenors:

Tuesday & Thursday League: Larry Pearson ~ • 239-860-8688

Friday League: Barb Smith ~ • 705-928-4066


Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a fun social evening of mixed doubles tennis for all levels of play in a mini tournament format. The Convenor will arrange the partnerships to ensure equal level of court play.  An email invite is sent each week by the Convenor to sign up for the following week so please contact the Convenor if you would like to be on the email list. Stay tuned for special theme nights that will include social time off the courts!

FNLs Convenor:

Ham Keillor-Faulkner ~ • 705-374-4211

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Match Play

This session is an opportunity for those that are new to the game of tennis tennis that want to play in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to become familiar with the rules of the game amongst other new beginner players. Meet new members and enjoy learning to play on Monday evenings, 7 - 9pm starting
July 3rd, 2023.


Clinics and Skills Development

Adult clinics are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced level players on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings taught by Grace Ellery, our club pro. 

Skills Development clinics will be offered in July by Lisa Tooley, our summer guest pro. 

Please visit the Lessons page for more information on our club pros and their clinics and skills development lessons.

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