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Guest Policy, Procedures and 2024 Rate

Guest Policy from 2023 FFTC Constitution: 


4.6.1. Shall be those individuals who are not currently members in good standing, who pay an appropriate fee for a specific time on court.

4.6.2. Guests shall follow all the rules and regulations that pertain to the Club.

4.6.3. The guest(s) must be sponsored by a Club member in good standing.

4.6.4. A guest will be allowed to participate on 3 occasions, after which a full membership will become due for further participation at the club during that playing year.

4.6.5. The guest fees, information forms, and procedures shall be reviewed by the Executive on an annual basis


Guest Rate: 

$10 per guest per day, for maximum 3 occasions

PLEASE NOTE: All guests assume full responsibility for their own actions while at the Fenelon Falls Tennis Club and release the Fenelon Falls Tennis Club and its members from any actions, claims or demands from any loss, damage or injury sustained to themselves or their own property.

Guest Procedures: 

Step 1 (Preferred)

Create or update your Skedda online booking and complete the Guest Players field as shown below.  No paperwork necessary.

Step 2 (Only if Skedda booking is unavailable)

The FFTC sponsoring member can complete the online Guest Form. The completed form can be forwarded in two ways:

  1. Preferred Email to the club:

  2. Given to any Executive Member as a hard copy. (Hard copies / envelopes are available in the clubhouse)

Step 3

Fees are the responsibility of the FFTC sponsoring member and can be forwarded in two ways:

  1. Preferred - Send etransfer to:  Please add note indicating payment is for guest fees and date of play.  (i.e. Guest fees July 1)

  2. Given to any Executive Member as cash or cheque.

Guest player fees.jpg
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